AB & EotS Perfection: Saturday 25/2 (real ID premade)

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After a very successful and fun first premade, I'm now setting up another event to continue our pursue to become Battlemasters. Feel free to read the feedback from the very first participants further down this topic.

Saturday 25/02/12 @ 20h30 (server time, GMT +1)

How to sign up:
If you don't have me on real ID
Make a lvl 1 horde toon on kazzak and send a message to Zënga that contains your real ID, realm, character and spec. I will then add you on realID (request mentions 'premade'). Ttip: orc starting zone has a mailbox.
If you have me on real ID:
Either confirm here that you will join, reply with your toon name and your role (healer/dps) or send me an ingame mail message on kazzak (zënga) with the same info. If you whisper me through realID, make sure you get confirmation that I read it (I afk a lot, or when I'm in the heat of a battle or in a raid, your whisper might slip through).

Alternatively you can go to mmo champion and send a private message to zenga, containing all the details.

Please note that this is a premade for both of the achievements. If you only need one, that's fine and you are very welcome to help people get the other one. The more, the better!

  • You need to have the latest version installed of an addon called Preform AV Enabler. This allows me to queue up everyone in the raid and see for who the queue pops or not.
  • You need to bring your winning spirit, patience (it may take a bit before we end up all in the same bg), common sense and pvp gear (honor gear is more than enough).
  • Have mumble installed. Please do this beforehand and test it out, as voice communication makes it so much easier. You don't need to talk or have a mic. If you talk, know that I'll live stream this, including mumble.

Addon: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/preform-av-enabler
Mumble: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/

  • The main rule is that no one joins the queue before the raid leader tells you to do so (he can see for who the queue popped).
  • A few minutes prior to the event, I'll change my real ID status to send me an ingame whisper for an invite. You can imagine there is quite some spam going on, so if I miss out on inviting you by accident, keep spamming me for an invite (well not literally, but you get the picture).
  • Strategy will be shared during the queue. Nothing prevents you from checking out how others did it by searching the web and come up with suggestions. There is plenty of room for feedback during the queue time.
Ye sure, Im inn if u need a hunter:P
i'm inn if u need a mage
class doesn't matter too much, can use everything, obviously there is a certain point when healers get priority
I'll be in if the AV rush Vanndar achievement is included.
can you make it on a day thats not raid night, everybody raids on tuesday.
I only need these two for battlemaster...

Im definitely in aswell. Will send u a message later on today.
I'm in! already send you a mail.
i m in. i ll send u details
So far 12 people have 'signed up'. Even if we are 1-2 short (you never know if some people can't make it), it shouldn't be too much of a problem to fill the raid with some friends/guildies/... and still more than a day to go to sign up for it.

Please make sure that you have the addon installed as I described in my openings post, and if everyone could have mumble installed (don't need a mic) that would make things way smoother as well when we need to anticipate on certain combat situations (rather than having to type out everything).
I sent Zënga a letter now, hope you will add me into the team!
Will send you a message, very interested in these!
Could still use people!
Thanks again, awesome games :)
Will you be doing AB perfection? I've looked @ your armory and you don't have it.
Awsome run,now i need only to defend those damn towers in av for battlemaster.
did you do EotS perfection yet?
21/02/2012 23:00Posted by Ossiris
did you do EotS perfection yet?

Yep,check my recent activity
Great job Zenga!

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