8/8 HC weekly friday alt raid - DS 10 @ 19.00

Twisting Nether
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8/8 hc, 2-3 hours casual raiding @ 19.00 fridays!

The group consists of a few players with 8/8 hc on their main, some with less hc kills on their main and a few retired raiders.

We use mumble, you obviously need to be able to communicate well in english and be able to take a joke or two. Prefer North European players in the late 20's.

Loot is currently distributed by performance/how good you are at accepting a calendar invite and showing up/how much I like you. If you haven't been in the group for long don't have high hopes on getting gear that is low drop % - most of us have close to all the tier pieces though.

You'll recieve a calendar invite if we want you in the group. Accepting/declining prior to thursday is advised, as you'll most likely get removed from next weeks calendar (unless you have a very good reason). Not showing up if accepted will also yield that you don't get invited to next weeks raid.
Shemales bump!

Every week at 19-20.00-ish we do Dragonsoul 10 man, 3/8 hc so far with 2-3 hours raiding each week.

What days dó you raid? Saturday?
bump 5/8 hc in the friday run, warmaster 20% with some guys dead entering phase 2

looking for dps (ranged) for friday and saturday

specifically people that can:

avoid fire/charge/FALLING !@#$ FROM THE SKY
do good dps
show up for more than 2 runs without realizing they're %^-* and dick off with alot of heroic loot
speak on mumble, we don't like mutes - they dont last very long

we'll keep it relaxed and farm 6/8 or so heroic bosses for a while, no spine progress thanks.

pm this char ingame with interest
bump, oneshot 6/8 hc.

might do spine next week - we're looking for an amazing mage for the friday run that can show up every week
Great group of guys , can only reccommend. Too bad that I can't guarantee to show up every Friday :(
bump, looking for more guys that can play their alts well

Would like to join wtih my DK, my main has 8/8hc so i know my way around it pretty well.
bump, where'd all the good caster alts on this realm go?
hello shadowpriest, nice.

i'm afk for a week, run might happen for the regulars not sure how new guys will get in however.

poke me on this/divinemilk/shields or mail as i play those mostly if youre interested in joining for upcoming weeks as we're still interested in good ranged (caster) dps for both friday and saturdays run.

healers, tanks are covered pretty much. i don't mind guys with multiple good alts that can play different roles though.

we'll do spine+madness when we have a good setup for it and if the run goes smooth up to that.

also, you should probably be around the late 20's as most of us oldies (hi truba) are and be able to melt in well. don't bother if you're gonna accept a calendar invite and not log on time.

also well done most of the guys that mail me with interest, you're stars.
Aribet (shadow) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Aribet/advanced

Autoshooter (survival) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Autoshooter/advanced

Malbidion (blood) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Malbidion/advanced

Prefer with priest but ofc its ur call/decision
satisfied with what we have, not taking in new guys unless you know anyone of us.
Aribet sucks anyway dont you <3
I would like to join with one of the following alts:

bump, can probably fit in a good ranged (mage/lock/boomkin) for friday every week

i'll be icky, convince me that you'll show up every week and not dick off after 3-4 weeks of getting loot like our last.. 10th guy or so.

HI TOM :-)
to clarify, this is every friday 19.00, we do 2nd alt run on saturdays occasionally - same progress, same guys pretty much

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