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I just tried to purchase a Race Change from the battle.net website using iDeal, everything went okay and I was at the payment screen where I had to fill in my bank details so they could charge the money needed for the service. I didn't fill anything in yet, nor did I press on the confirm button and my internet browser suddenly crashed (not the battle.net's fault though) so I attempted to just do the process again but this time it said the Race Change for my character is pending, while I haven't paid anything at all.

Now, two hours later, it's still on the queued status and there is no way I can cancel it. I have read on the FAQ that it needs manually payment, but I have no idea how to do this.

Help on the matter would be greatly appreciated because I really don't know what to do.

Thank you for your time.
This is the character I wanted to pay the race change for, by the way.
I would advice calling Account and Payment support at your earliest convinience so they can either change the racechange onto the right character or cancel the order so you can redo the purchase.

Remember that if you call the UK number its free via the use of Skype.

[Guide] How to Call Blizzard

Online Ticket System
Is it neccesary to call them? Can't this problem be solved if I write a ticket?
Just click the second link and you can write a ticket to them and it will be solved as soon as the ticket reaches the top of the queue. Reason for proposing to call them is that its quicker and more efficient =)
Thank you very much for your help Shiennar! :)

I just wrote a ticket in-game, I guess that works the same way.
Not really - ingame tickets go to GMs and it's a long way round to get to the Accounts & Payments team. The online webticket will go straight to them: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit
I contacted a GM and he has solved the issue. Thank you very much all! :)

Greetings Menariah/Laeneya,

I’m glad to hear that a member of our support team was able to help correct the situation for you, and that you seem to have found the manual payment finalisation without further need of help. :)

Do please bear that last part in mind for any future Character Services, incidentally, as it’s not the most obvious of procedures and it’s almost always required for IDEAL payments.

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