Greating dear blizzard.

Raids and Dungeons
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I am writing to you becouse I heard that some new dungeons are comming up. Please tell me some and write about new bosses and dungeons in cata. I heard that you allready thinking about finishing cata dungeons and raids but in my opinion a lot of money lay in after new dungeon and maybe some more raid come up. Like a Sunwell in TBC. - great times - great job.

Well how about some living mountains and embers from - elentitium golems.
REALY - cant wait till it comes up... and make your ideas alive in this game - thats my clue for you... just realize your ideas in this game.. some of them briliant and some of them just very good. Instead of waiting for Pandarian citizens I strongly agrre with some new idea in cata, we have Deathing and he is AWSOME! But still waiting for more.

Regards for blizz from Performer - the party bringer.
Every post below me is feeding the troll.

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