April Fool's 2012

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So how did you like all our grandios announcements yesterday? All nonsense you think? Okay, okay, we admit it: Yes, they were April Fool's pranks. But don't you wish they were real? To let you in on the fun we had yesterday and make sure you didn't miss any of our carefully crafted jokes, we list all of them again in this thread for you to check out. Which of them did you like best?

Happy beginning of April! :)

April fool's pranks 2012:

  • Zergotchi - the login experience of your life!
  • Blizzard Kidzz - Most Epic Learning Experiences
  • Announcing StarCraft®: Supply Depot™
  • Fledgling Heroes: Blizzard Novels for a New Generation (English only)

  • Comeback, because of great demand:

  • Battle.net Neural Interface

  • Also, while you're lingering on our sites, say Hi to Crabby who is paying us a visit to check if any April Fool's jokes this year were more epic than him.
    Which 2012 Blizzard-April Fool's prank did you like best?
    Poll ended on 09 Apr 2012
    I <3 Crabby

    This year's jokes were bit boring compared to previous years.
    Crabby had to be the best of the Blizzard ones...

    ...but DBM trumped them all, I'm afraid.
    So the "Diablo III for Wii" announcement isn't a joke? :O
    02/04/2012 13:26Posted by Plauderkeks
    So the "Diablo III for Wii" announcement isn't a joke? :O

    I believe that was by a fansite and not Blizzard itself.
    02/04/2012 13:26Posted by Plauderkeks
    So the "Diablo III for Wii" announcement isn't a joke? :O

    Diablo III on Wii (April Fools)

    It even says it's an April Fools joke.
    Ah yes, I forgot where I stumbled on it. Sorry ^^

    Would be fun, though :D
    hey i paid for the Zergotchi!..... I see what you did there.....

    *has just noticed the MGS Snake hat for the annoying crab* 'least that's cool
    Supply Depot really made my day. The looping credits were hilarious.
    I liked Crappy and the Patch notes xD
    Zergotchi — the login experience of your life! 40%

    Go go zergotchi is best ^^
    Ahhh that Takralus, such a nice quad of legs.
    vote for: (o) kind of distributing of beta keys (i had a lot of fun)
    So the megablox is real? :O
    The jokes were okay but my favourite is still the 8-bit molten core from a few years ago
    Crabby is also cool :)
    PS: Esperanto
    My all time favourite prank by Blizzard is heroic class: bard. This year neural interface was awesome...

    Besides Blizzard's pranks DBM's boss voices prank was also amazing imo; C'thun's "You...will...die" scared the hell outta me in the middle of the night...
    Anyone noticed how Crabby has a Klutzy on his head? That's not even the right game, Blizzard!
    This crab is driving me insane. It's like a worse version of Clippet.

    Really enjoyed the supply depot joke. Would probably actually play it.Zergotchi would be an actually good product.
    Awww Crabby! <3
    Anyway, Zergotchi was the best one this year. Absolutely! If only it was real... :O
    Pandaria...Jokes pandas are awesome!

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