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I've been these days gotten VoA & Onyxia to my weekly soloruns for the mounts, in addition to MC for legendaries.
I was thinking which ones of the raids with mount drop are soloable? Other than VoA (3 bosses), Onyxia, Attumen, Kael'thas (havent yet been able to kill him because of bugged Gravity-whatchamacallit spell).
Currently I'm at Sartharion to see if it even has a chance to be soloed. After that it's time to try Malygos.
Sartharion is soloable as a DK.

Malygos is soloable

AQ40 is easy and has mount trash drops that you can only use in there

For kael'thas couldn't you either take him under the archways or simply use path of frost with glyph to reduce fall damage?

CoT hc if you don't already have it

UP hc is easy

VP and stonecore are both easy solos for a dk on normal. My shaman can do them with a struggle.

All that came to mind at this moment.

Edit to person above: he said kael'thas, I assume he means the raid as the 5man was easy to solo in wrath as most classes.

Edit to person just below.. he also said attumen
Attuman's mount in Karazan is easily soloable - I will hate you for ever if it drops for you tho having farmed for it for years now ;)

(Seriosuly tho good luck! personally I am begining to doubt it still drops tbh)
It does still drop, a friend of mine got it a few weeks ago after many, many months of farming for it.
(Seriosuly tho good luck! personally I am begining to doubt it still drops tbh)

It does :)
tried sarth 3d for a few times, at best i got him down to 50% before the damage was too high ( didnt try as blood).
just finished malygos, pretty simple really.
AQ, got all bugs already.
For Kael, I've tried and got up to last phase, to about 25% or something, before I always get tossed to the air and fallen straight down. I've also tried keeping myself at the arc, but those beams really mess it up.
CoT, done ages ago.
UP, doing it every day I remember.
VP is easy yeah, same statement as the above.
Vortex pinnacle though, was pretty tough ( as a Frost, didnt try yet as Blood).
And yea, gotten the White bird from 5man Kael.
Attumen & Stratholme guy are on the hunt as well, no luck so far.
Alysrazor is soloable for the raven lord re-skin.
hmm.. i've heard of mages being able to do it, not heard of anyone else really.

(BTW, Raven Lord also gotten, 1st run ^^)
How does one solo sarth+3D?
Don't forget Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth. You shall be definitelly able to solo Archavon and Emalon, Koralon is quite hard but soloable as well.
Yea, VoA is pretty piece of cake if you count out the frost boss.
18/04/2012 18:58Posted by Allyscout
How does one solo sarth+3D?

One does not simply solo Sarth 3D
19/04/2012 16:36Posted by Cheeseberry
How does one solo sarth+3D?

One does not simply solo Sarth 3D
Yeah you do. You totally do.
oh please enlighten us
18/04/2012 18:08Posted by Paskimus
Alysrazor is soloable for the raven lord re-skin.

Only seen mage and shadowpriest do it. DK can too?
how come your having trouble with kt?

look at my crap gear, i just spec blood and the only trouble i have is with the mage disorientating me, random fall damage sucks but you can quickly recover from it with various self healing we have

if i can kill him with no real knowledge of blood im sure you could too with practice

as for voa, went there to see what i could solo, started on the easiest boss and the mount dropped, great success :P
Yea, i can get Kael easily to the last phase, but once I get there, I usually survive one Gravity-thingie, second one blasts me too high while i'm avoiding his laser beams. I'm also using my dps gear in blood spec as i've sold my tank stuff a few months ago..
The last phase in Kael is free kill, as long as you avoid the max hp reducing nether vapors there is nothing that can kill you in it. Also you can use the legendary staff to be immune to the disorient Kael does in phase 4 (as well as the one the mage add uses).

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