Battlemaster - Stormpike perfection!

Looking for Players – PvP
anyone out there making any stormpike perfection premades?
I am looking for one myself...Bump!
LFG too :) Hey what about we 4 guys exchange realid's and just get ppl from trade?
I'm fire mage with full cata.
I am up for this if I get heads up when you will plan to run it. Its one of thew few I need for battlemaster if I exclude veteran achievements. Can trade real-ID later when I know when you will do it.
I am also up for just about any PvP BG achievements ;)

I'll relog over and give you my RLID if you want it.
just make some char at darksorrow and ill give u my Real ID and ill see what i can do
I m interested in doing this,if there is group ofc.
Would love to join aswell if someone are forming a grp.
im intrested! :) add me on skype! Hellberg94
Last one I need, give a poke and Ill give you realID.
And set up a raid on easy for ppl to find and to sign.

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