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Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status.

Welcome to patch 7.0.3! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons!

Here’s what you are contacting us about the most right now:

  • Quest: The Invasion of Tanaan
    If the objective "Meet with Khadgar" does not complete automatically when you stand next to him, please leave the shipyard zone and go back by land, don't use a flying mount. You can also try to relog standing next to Khadgar to see if it helps
  • Quest: A Burning Path Through Time
    If you are unable to turn in this quest after completion, please contact Customer Support.
  • Boat/Zeppelin Issues
    We are investigating issues related to boats/zeppelins not working correctly at this time:
  • Red/Incompatible realms
    Please exit the game and restart the Desktop App to allow it to patch the game to the latest version.
  • Interface issues
    Rest your interface like this.

Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!

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