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Ok so I'll admit it straight away, im a noob. Leveled the DK to make some cash with as i heard raids where good to solo and make money with.

So my question is this what are they best raids to solo now to make gold on, be it transmog gear or gold drops anything.

Seems to be the story of my gaming life. Make something - it gets nerfed

Oh also, I was wondering if starter accounts can be invited into raids - just for the soul purpose of this account entering. Seem to be finding it hard as a new guy to get people to party with me for 2 seconds to enter raids
yes starter accounts can be used you just have to use a macro on the level 1 starter account

/run SetAllowLowLevelRaid(true)
i dunno what raid is the best but you can make some 600g and hour proberly more from halls of lightning
raid gold drops have been nerfed so just maby rare paterns from like sunwell are worth it.
At my server, i believe those patrens aren't worth it

If you are going for the 200k looted, don't go solo try to get a guild that runs regular hc cata raids.
If you are going for the transmorgh gear, try to find a raid/dungeons where there is some nice looking stuff. A big plus is if you can aoe down lots of trash before the first boss.
If you are going for (rare) crafting materials or patterns, try to find a raid/dungeons that drops pricy stuff, like blood of the mountain i have seen this sell for over 1k, or that drops huge amounts of cloth and other stuff.

Raids are still a decent income, that is you looted all. but daylies/proffesions or ah are all beter ways of income now
Raids went from a good money maker still below Playing the AH to semi pointless for the gold Looted system (167k/200l -_- should not slacked so hard) Your best bet now is to find out which instance drops the best cloth/Greens to sell (lvl 60 and lower instances are gold mines for 300-400g Transmog items) or farm places like Stonecore normal etc for embersilk.

Level 70 heroics like botanica are the best for vendor fodder mind, one botanica last time i did one raked me in some 1.2k when i sold everything i got( i include cloth/Greens/Blue BOES in this) . The Grays the flowers drop are crazy.
go Solo ICC...more eq for transmog+more golds...:P
You can also loot about 1,5k gold from the mobs in Battle for Hyjal, just put autoloot on and let the aoe loot do its job.
I just buy cheap stuff from AH and raise already expensive prices in Outland higher. As i dont have to log for game to do that - congrats, Blizzard got what they wanted. 1 player less hog server space outside raid hours.
Thanks for all the helpful answers :)
19/09/2012 11:56Posted by Everwhite
You can also loot about 1,5k gold from the mobs in Battle for Hyjal, just put autoloot on and let the aoe loot do its job.

Not since the gold nerf.
Indeed, due to this fail nerf, while once I could make over 20.000 gold per week with 30-40 hours of soloing at 85, with my warrior like 8k and blood dk 12k, cause dk could also do some 80 raids, while my warrior couldn't, now raids give really fail gold.

Take the sum you once earned (hyjal summit 1.500), divide it by the number of people the raid is made for (25 players), and the result (60) is your gold now...

Absolutely not worth it except maybe a visit each week to sartharion (since some gold drops from the satchel, that is not nerfed) and aq20 a couple of times per week per char, still half the gold it used to drop, cause most of it were trash items.

Having said this, you came too late to farm raids, it's no longer worth the time unfortunately, only worth it for challenge or where there are mounts to farm (onyxia and kael'thas for instance will always be worth farming even now that they drop like 10-12 gold, down from 200-300, for their 0,5-2% mounts).
i wold like to know where the best place for farming gold is ?
back in cata i used to farm the black temple trash (1g50 per mob ;D) but it's been nerfed to the ground now
As a real fan of raid farming who made 20k + with this and a blood dk each week in cata, I have to say that, unsurprisingly, you can't expect much any more.

Did a few tests, here are the results:

Black temple: 45 mins, 562 gold
Serpentshrine cavern: 32 mins, 255 gold
Hyjal summit: 40 mins, 295 gold
Sunwell plateau: 22 mins, 325 gold
Karazhan: 30 mins, 340 gold
Magtheridon's lair: 2 mins 30, 70 gold
Gruul's lair: 4 mins, 70 gold
Tempest keep: not tried, I can expect 25 mins (in my gear) and like 250 gold

Tried also some 80: naxxramas around 500 gold (excluding selling pets), ulduar always around 500, OS around 100, ToC around 150

Of 60 raids only aq20 (now renamed aq10) is still worth something, takes 4-5 mins like always and gives now 180 gold, was 340 before the nerf, so not nerfed much. Raids above like serpentshrine cavern used to give 1.800 gold before nerf, so they're very heavy.

If you want to solo raids for fun, you can do this stuff, doing all 70 raids you should spend a few hours for 2k gold, but if you're going for gold farming, you're better off soloing dungeons like halls of lightning and blackrock caverns over and over and vendor everything and auction the cloth or farming deepholm mobs with potion of treasure finding.
"Best" way to farm gold now seems to be dailies. Wheter you like them or not.
Get a profession.
Black Temple has alot of trash once you enter the inner sanctum. Roll em up and knock em down, they drop masses of 5g gems and random greens/epics. Can easily make around 500k per run.
sartharion......65 g loot from the satchel,not so much
Cata normal / hc raids, vendor all loot, you get decent amout for little effort it takes + you get chances at mounts each week, so yeah! Not the most efficient way, but getting first time achieves is worth trying 1 time...

But pure, mindless gold gain - Draenor herbalism, all flowers sell for 1g+ per flower... or grind animal packs to get cloth that sell pretty high too :)

They made entering raids possible without groups for low-lvl, because i've been doing all those solo raids now with no problem :P

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