Thank you Blizzard!!

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Brought a tear and a smile on my face when I read the story.
This shows that Blizzard does care about their players.
The Women you will marry one day should be happy !
Absolutely cool stuff.

What I like most about the whole thing - this isn't about helping someone and carrying him through. You guys - all of you, including Ben and Owen - embrace the challenge of a completely different approach to the game. Sounds like you're having tons of fun.

Again, cool stuff, I'm impressed!
25/09/2012 17:54Posted by Davidian

God damn.

This is the first I've read of this, but that's awesome and well deserving of in-game representation. It's not often I get to say this, especially not as a result of the WoW playerbase - but you two make me proud to be human.
25/09/2012 17:54Posted by Davidian

Nice article,

congrats you deserve it!
Aww, thats sweet. =]

Congratulations guys, you deserve it!
Hexu's Amplifying Helm
"A man with a friend is never without vision."

Davidian's All-Seeing Eyes
"Sharp enough to see for two men."

I woke up emotional today for some reason, and the comments on these items just made my day. I'm glad they were recognised. It's really amazing what people can do, and will do for each other. :)
25/09/2012 17:54Posted by Davidian

That is nothing short of Amazing! Thanks and best wishes to both of you and all the very best for your upcoming raids.
Possibly one of the most amazing stories Ive ever read, let alone it being associated to Wow.

This deserves a sticky, people should know what an amazing guy Ben is and how amazing his friends are in the guild who play along side with him.

Truly this is what it means to be in a guild and play as a group of friends on MMO.
AWESOME! Gz guys this thread made my day :)))))!
Aye, awesome post. Friend of mine told me about this and guess what - I'm less into the items and more about that commentator type of raiding. I already tried to do that in the past and found that most players don't like it as they prefer to listen to their stupid addons instead. Now I will have a solid argument to continue with that in Mists of Pandaria :)

By the way. Guys from "Die safe", you should find a good name for that type of raiding - something short but meaningful. So it can be perpetuated within our WoW community.

Best luck on your progress!
Damn thats awesome, well played to blizz and to the whole guild :)
I approve this thread and these players, and you know what? I really think this is gonna be a nice expansion :)
So many onions.. :'((
Lok'Tar Ogar Hexu!
Congratulations to these people and Blizzard!
Really inspiring and awesome!

I salute you two!
On behalf of Die Safe, I just wanted to give the guys at Blizzard a HUGE thank you for adding the in-game items for Hexu and Davidian.. Hexu's Amplifying Helm & Davidian's All-Seeing Eyes

We were all amazed and awe struck when we discovered the items.. it's truely hard to believe that our little guild could create something that could be honoured on such a huge level!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in Die Safe for making it the awesome guild that is it.. It is an honour and a privilage to be your guild master! :) x

Again Thank you Blizzard.. This is really amazing. It's not something any of us ever imagined, and you have made Mists of Pandaria a truely unforgettable expansion for us all!

Now that's two items I'll need to make sure to get on my plate wearing character! :-)

25/09/2012 17:54Posted by Davidian

Blue tagging the thread so more people can read more about what you're doing at Die Safe. Simply. Amazing.


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