Setting sun garrison phasing

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Just how do you get rid of the hated phasing to see NPC's.I can see them if I am a long ways out.The blacksmith trainer is there why would you blizz put a trainer in a phased out zone.I just googled Setting sun garrison to try and find out if I needed to do a quest NOTHING.

The post is from US but I have the same problem?? what should I do??
having the same problem atm, tried opening a ticket but theres a 6 day wait

Edit: also ive dinged 90 even though the forum says im 89 if anyone may think thats the reason
How you solve this is doing all the quests for the Golden Lotus, had the same problem but this solved it for me :)
It's stupid. The people in the Shrine tell me where the trainer is, mark it on my map, and when I fly there, nobody's there.

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