Leatherworking Trainer in Pandaria

I'm still roaming around The Jade Forest. but as a Leatherworker i'd like to learn some new leatherworking.. But has anyone seen a Lw trainer around Pandaria?
No i seek also, but havent found any.
I've reached 600 in skinning and have found a LW trainer in Pandaria, neither he nor the LW trainer in Orgrimmar offers me any recipes.

From 585 to 600 I had to craft green items.

I found a pattern for 600 on the Black Market Auction House, but I am not paying 10000 Gold for one recipe.
I leveled from 580 - 600 on the PvP patterns. Bought them from Leathworking supplies guy in Shrine of the Seven Stars.
You need Spirits of Harmony to buy the patterns which is a pain as I've only found four motes so far - and at their current drop rate I will probably only learn 2 or Three Patterns before I max out at 90 - Defeating the objective of having a nice stash of ready to wear items when I ding - Some intermediate patterns between 85 and 90 would have been a good addition - Like a level 87-88 set - or an option to trade hides to buy the patterns... Iknow there is a chance on crafting to occasionally turn up a Blue item with a 415 ilvl - but its a gamble - especially with the Scale drop rates..........going to stop there before I turn into the grumpy old man I sound like
get ya farm up to full capacity and grow motes of harmony
On level 90 chars with the rep, sure. But my LW is a lowie, currently level 86. Taking ages to get the motes at sub90 and farm;)
Mists of Pandaria - Profession Trainers (Locations)

I see in the Leatherworking guides there is a recipe at level 605 LW how do you get 605 LW ??

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