Where do you spend honor points in Pandaria?

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I reached my honor cap and would like to spend some before earning more.

I can find the Alliance quartermaster "Ethan Natice", but he sells "glorious conquest" gear...
I hear that a quartermaster is nearby (on the Serpent's Spine), I have looked all over the wall, no Lion's Redoubt, and no (normal) honor quartermaster.
Do I have to be lvl 90 before he appears? Where is he?

Thanks for your help!
I have been to the place where apparently you can spend your honour but there is just the tier 2 armour vendor. The horde vendors all seem to be at their spot but the alliance ones have been missed out.
For me, I see only the glorious vendor at Serpent spine with the coords: 39.38;43.32 (Horde). No other master's, not even the opposite factions.
they dont open before season starts
I might have read it like 20 times around the forums. The new season will start 1 week after the launch most probably. So you got to wait till next week.

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