Cant complete "Rally the Valley"

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Hi all, I think Ive completed all quests in Valley of the Four Winds (apart from cooking ones) yet I havent completed the achie Rally in the Valley. It says I still need to do Chens Masterpiece and The Stormstout Brewery. Id rode round and cant find any more quests to pick up. Is it because Ive not done the cooking ones (not completed Sauteed Carrots only)? My carrots seem to be taking forever to grow so I cant complete it until then lol
Cooking quests are not related.

Go check on Mudmug's place once again. If you still haven't done Chen's Masterpiece, chances are that him and Li Li are still hanging out there. I almost missed some quests from them too - seems it takes a while before some appear after completing previous ones.
Thanks muchly. Went back to Mudmugs place and there was Chen with a quest for me. Thank you xx

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