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I've checked up online and it seems as though it runs from 9-11 realm time, but does anyone know if I miss the 9pm opening ceramony will I have to wait until the next Sunday to get it completed?
Or does it go off every hour until it finishes?
You need to attend the opening or closing ceremony. Be there a couple of minutes before 21 or before 23
Ohh, dumbass move on my behalf... I thought you had to attend the opening AND closing, totally misread it.

Thanks for the speedy reply :)
Is it up on your realm? Im on Nagrand-EU and the event does not seem to be active (there should be a few npcs on the beach).
I was there yesterday with another 15 people and we got it.
I got this achieve yesterday, just by standing at the beach at 11 p.m server time. The whole thing only takes a few minutes, short festival :)
everyday or it takes place only on sundays?
only on sundays
Its sunday im in the statue 11 oclock (IG time) and nothing happened...
its 21-23 (9 pm - 11 pm)

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