pls hotfix stampede bug/exploit

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it's just ridiculous,
if you reach a certain amount of attack power your stampede pets go from 7k style crits to 50k.
bm hunter can litteraly kill a whole team in seconds.!

see @ 1:30 , the bm hunter just pops stampede and kills both mage an druid in seconds und almost instant killed the warlock afterwards.

it's not fun at all queuing arenas atm, pls fix this asap.

I love how this dude does 10x more damage than everyone else, including a shadowpriest xD

MR Blue Poster this video is instructional of the state of the game right now, you should watch this before the next meeting with the devs.

edit: check out their party chat too: the hunter says "if the pets go for shaman, go for him instead" The guy doesnt even control them roflololololol
This was already linked in an already active thread about the current state of BM Hunters in arena. If you have anything additional to add to this topic, please do so there instead of creating a duplicate thread on the matter.

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