PvP stats help mop

Arms warrior
level 90
what is the hit? 3% or 5%
what expertise %
and then what stats are best to reforge for..!!

and what is best..
strength or pvp power or both..??

thanks for any help, theres a lot of out dated guides ..
Hi! http://www.noxxic.com/wow/pvp/warrior/arms
Should answer everyhing about warr pvp!:)
Ah perfect,thank you very much..
Stack Haste till you no longer have a GCD.
3% hit and 6.50% expertise.
pvp power over strength but if you have red socked with good ennof bonus go for str --> for gemming
so expertise 6.5% or 3% ???
3% hit for (hard cap)
3% expertise (soft cap)

3% expertise is 0% dodge but these are base values. Classes with agility have higher dodge, nelfs have a racial avoidance, strength classes have parry. Going higher than 3% will mean they dodge/parry less but this isn't worth the return.

3% base is fine, stats beyond this are far better being spent elsewhere.
great reply ,thank you

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