Northrend Cloth Scavenging in Pandaria?

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It doesn't seem that you'll ever get additional cloths from this trait while in Pandaria. I know it says "Northrend" but it worked in Cata zones as well. I used to really often be able to re-loot corpses for additional cloth that had already been looted while doing cata dungeons. This hasn't happen at all in Pandaria dungeons. Just curious if it's intended to work in Panda but for some reason doesn't at the moment, or if it will only work on frostweave and embersilk cloth? Or is there maybe a Panda scavenger trait to learn somewhere (I do have tailoring 600 already)?
For me it works.

How do I know?

I loot a pile of corpses, move on and then have to move back when the others start looting since extra cloth appears the moment they do.

In all fairness, I have a good deal of bank slots filled with the highest tier cloth bolts... I have no clue what to use it on since you seem to get so much and use so little.
Yep, does work fine on Pandaria mobs as well.

Would be a good idea to rework the tooltip though so it was more informative or less confusing.
Ok thanks. It would be great if they updated the tooltip, it really should have been done when cata was released.
Hey guys,
You should suggest the update in-game.
To submit a suggestion in-game:

  • Open the Customer Support window (the red question mark on your action bar).
  • Click Submit Suggestion.
  • Enter your suggestion, making sure to follow the guidelines on the submission form.
  • Click Submit.

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