Armory not updating after Realm Transfer..

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I transfered from Defias Brotherhood to Twisting Nether last week; yet my armory is still showing me on my old realm (and old guild, old gear, etc).. I can see myself in my new guild's roster (on Twisting Nether), but when I try to view my armory from there I am sent to the "Oops! This character is currently unavailable" screen..

Is there anything I, or you, can do to resolve this?

Edit: The only thing that seems to be updating are my achievements.. Which I find somewhat odd.
There are quite a few posts on this front page even about the same issue, it's known and being looked at, but basically armory is slow/bugged atm.
Are you viewing the Armory through the website or via mobile Moldrak?

We are aware of issues with the Armory updating and it can take a few days for the changes to fully complete.

Have you tried resetting your password to force the change?
I always view it via the website, have also attempted to reset my password but this wasn't succesful.
Did you reset your password through the "forgotten password?" option?
I did not, no.. I manually reset it via the "change password" option. I will try your suggestion now and report back once I have done so, thank you.

Edit: After going through the password reset process, I'm still having the same issue.. Guess I'll have to wait :(

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