Lesser Charms of Good Fortune

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Hey Guys,

I Like the idea of being able to roll for gear when you didn't win any in the first place with the new " Elder Charm of Good Fortune " so let me get that out there first. The idea of rewarding players who do dailies and put extra effort in is a good thing!

BUT. I've handed in the 90 required for the quest every week since I first got 90.

I Now have over 600 lesser Charms of Good Fortune in my bank! Either can we reward less or for the more you collect you get an extra Elder Charm?

90 = 3
120 = 3/4
150 = 4/5
180 = 5/6

^ Maybe? ^

Because if you're rewarding those who do some dailies why not reward those who spend 2+ hours a day doing dailies :P

Just an Idea!


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