Staff vs mainhand/offhand in pvp?

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so i just dinged 90 on this charater like 2 days ago and havent really tought about it but whats best pvp wise staff vs mainhand/offhand? it seems like 50% is using staff and the other 50 are using mainhand/offhand O_o? so please give me your Pov on whats best of them in ur opinion :) for mage that is ^^
Mainhand and Offhand is better, you can use the same enchant on your main hand that people use on staff and then put an enchant on off hand also.
Ye thats true :p dunno why ppl choose a staff then? xD first time playing a so called wizard class so just abit qurious
I think the way it works is that the staff has the same amount stats as the main hand and off hand, just it has crit/mastery/haste/hit/spirit/expertise, whereas the main hand and off hand has int as well as the ability to enchant the off hand. Only reason to choose the staff is for aesthetics.
26/11/2012 00:56Posted by Hymuno
the same amount stats as the main hand and off hand

wrong. you can enchant +165 int on OH. and ist not small.

also if you go MH-OH you can use pve OH because pvp one doesn't give pvp power. only gives resilience.

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