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Used oQueue for the first time last night between 6 and 10pm GMT - on average around 20 active RBG queues alliance side, ranging from 1200 to 1900+ requirements. Really easy to use, wish I'd installed it earlier.
Hi all.

Oqueue reset our win-lose statistics... Can we recover them ? :/
oQueue didn't reset it. You probably deleted/cleaned the WTF, Cache or oQueue cache folder. So unless you can recover it from the recycle bin, nop. Gotta start fresh.
Ha yes, i have delete Cache folder. Thanks you.

PS: i have recover my stats. Wich files is associated to oqueue please ?
oQueue v1.2.9 is now available on curse.com and solidice.com

change.log entry:
v1.2.9 ** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)
BUGFIX: arena ranks weren't showing on tooltips in group
UPD: group leaders stop relaying premade messages to reduce their bnet traffic
UPD: modified output string when honor capped
UPD: added packet statistics object; more responsive
add: changing premade type in the find-premade tab will set the scroller back to the top

the issues with different languages should be resolved. if not, please let me know.

have a great weekend,

- tiny
hi, i'm french and i play ally.


<3 oqueue
You need this in your life!
I forgot about this addon, will give it a go.

And it's absolutely ridiculous that I have to resort to an addon in order to play BGs without bots.
Is there any way to turn off the sounds from this addon? Those constant sound "blips" (I think when the addon is throwing whispers around) sure are annoying.

edit: I think this was TukUI's "fault".
yes, the sounds are TukUI / elvUI whisper alert. i understand they put in a check in one of their recent updates so it will ignore oQueue msgs. please make sure to update
as an FYI, v1.3.3 is now on solidice.com and awaiting approval from curse.

the change.log:
v1.3.3 BUGFIX: x-group btag support
BUGFIX: karma pts x-group update

v1.3.2 BUGFIX: realm name not populating in rare case; force
BUGFIX: banning a users btag from within a regular bg premade now working
UPD: added special case names for french realms
add: karma; -25 .. 25; 0 == neutral; 1 person may only award 1 karma pt per day per target; karma wears off @ 2 pts every 24 hrs

the major new component is karma.

by right clicking on a person in your group, you will have the option to award a positive or negative karma point. karma points range from -25 .. 25 and will 'degrade' to 0 every day by 2 points.

the motivating factor was a ninja looter the other day. i was asked to global ban... but that's not an oQueue issue, but a player issue. therefore, karma. if everyone were to down vote him, he'd have max karma that would take about 12 days to wear off.

we'll see how it's received.
This is the best thing happened to wow pvp ever!

- Pondato
yes, the sounds are TukUI / elvUI whisper alert. i understand they put in a check in one of their recent updates so it will ignore oQueue msgs. please make sure to update

Yes, TukUI was the cause, all fixed now. And I do update whenever I notice a new version is out.
Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for creating and maintaining this addon, Tiny. Random BG's are much more fun :)
thank you for creating and maintaining this addon

Great addon.
Hello all,

Always thanks for this addon.

Can you do something against guyzs who "cheat" with statistics ? 1300 victory for 3 lose... And others peoples with that...

Thanks for great job.
Is there any way to ask Tiny to replace "minimum resil" with "minimum PvP power" on the premage creation page?
G'evening all,

by now you've probably seen the new bounty board, a system i hope will spur more wpvp by getting you off the virtual coach (SW, Org, 2-moons, or 7-stars) and dropping you into the mix ... as the intention of the targets is to get you ganked

well, it's come to my attention the NPC names need to be localized. as such, i've pushed a list of them to oQueue's localization page on curseforge:


if you're a non-English speaker and could translate these npc names, i'm sure many people would be most grateful.

thanks in advance!


if you haven't seen the bounty board yet, you can bring it up by either right-clicking the mini-map icon, click the yellow shield button in the upper left of oQueue, or by typing '/bb'

@Agregata, that would require a protocol change which is a mandatory update... and i try to keep these to a minimum as it tears down the mesh for a day or two and confuses some people. before i do it, i want to iron out the various bugs and kinks existing in the current version.
Great addon, have been using it for a while now.

Any clue how to turn off the bounty spam?

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