Leveling from 80-90

Death Knight
Hi all,

I've just started my DK up again from about a year off, left him at level 80 so was just wondering what the best spec was for questing and going through dungeons? Last time I left the talents hadn't been updated yet, I'm guessing they're a bit more down to personal preference now? Is there a set build for certain specs?

I've heard blood is good for pulling multiple mobs and aoe'ing them down. But I also wanted a dps build for dungeons.

Any help would be great, looking forward to getting back into it.
I quite like leveling as Blood on my DK. I'd suggest taking Roiling Blood in the first tier for leveling as it makes disease spreading and upkeep alot more convenient when tanking dungeons.
Death Pact is awesome to. Macro it to first summon ghoul then cast death pact on the second press for a quick emergency heal, or throw vampiric blood into the macro as well for even more healy goodness.

Other than that just go with what you like, try stuff out.

Also as blood you get very short dungeopn queue times, which is always nice.

*looks up to the original post* oh, you wanted a DPS build for dungeons :P hmm... I'm not much help there I'm afraid... only played blood since I returned. I reckon either of the other specs would be more than fine for dungeons though.

But yeah, blood is great for solo AoE :P just put your diseases on one target, then pull more and hit boiling blood to refresh and spread the diseases every time you pull in a couple more mobs. And if you do set blood as one of your specs, why not try a few dungeons as a tank :) it's my personal favorite role and good fun at times.
I'm leveling as frost and loving it. Really nice damage and I can still pull 5 mobs and come out of the fight with full hp thanks to glyph of dark succor. But I can imagine blood pulling even more mobs so it comes down to playstyle.
Frost works amazing in dungeons for me aswell.
I tried all 3, but frost is much faster and easier than the rest.
Killing mobs in groups of 4-5 in no time, ending fight with full HP.
Frost DK is easiest and fastest of all specs of all classes that I have (Hunter, Shaman, Paladin, DK) :)
Cheers for the replies, think I'll try out blood and frost and decide which I like best.

The reason I didn't want to tank dungeons is because I had a paladin as a main a while ago I used to tank with, just wanted to try something different. But do agree, getting into dungeons is instant as tank.

Still got gear from Ulduar, so that desperately needs upgrading!!
just spam dungeons as blood tank, did 85-90 with instant queues, zero quests done, zero having to run around finding/killing quest mobs,

i wish all my characters had offspec blood :(

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