Just wheeeeeeeeen will you ever nerf mages?

ok so, now you have nerfed warriors atleast.
but what happened to mage? on all the classes i play i find mage to be more OP than warrior when i counter them.
mage have been OP all the way back in early TBC.. when will it be enough?
What on earth.

I just tried to list all the nerfs to Mages since MoP, and the entire post was censored.

I'll give it a second go.

Fire Mage crit chance was reduced.
The damage of Combustion was cut in half.
Ice Barrier lost a third of it's absorbs.
Deep Freeze lost 20% of it's duration.
The cooldown on Ring of Frost was increased by 50%.
The detonation time on Frost Bomb was increased to 2 seconds (reversed when they reduced the damage and made the glyph unviable).
The mana cost on Spell Steal was trippled.
The damage done by Frost Bomb when detonated was reduced by 50%
The damage of Frost Bomb (with or without glyph) was reduced by 20%.

In the upcoming patch, they're adding more nerfs to mages.

Improved Counterspell (the Mage silence) is removed.
The healing of Cold Snap (a 3 min CD talent) is reduced from 30% to 15%.
The Water Elemental's (pet) ability Freeze will no longer deal damage, and will no longer grant Fingers of Frost procs if cast without hitting a target.
The Glyph of Fire Blast will be changed, making it a Fire-only glyph, and by the looks of it it'll be worse for Fire than the current version.
By "when detonated", I mean "when detonated with Fire Blast, using the Glyph of Fire Blast".

Anyway, as you can tell from the long list of nerfs, both Fire and Frost were severely nerfed, through patches (5.1 in particular) and hotfix-nerfs, and they're still lining up more nerfs.

Fire and Frost were OP at launch, and got even stronger as people starter getting decent gear. Frost is still pretty strong, but by no means OP - combining temporary damage buffs and CDs (Invoker's Ward, PvP Trinket, other spell power procs, Frozen Orb, Alter Time and Deep Freeze) gives Frost a lot of burst potential on a target who's unable to (or just not skilled enough) to counter it. They make up for it by having Frost Mages do pitiful sustained damage - spamming Frostbolts (forcing us to stand still and cast a long cast spell) for 14k damage makes most mages just give up on trying to do any sustained damage, and just focus on CC / utility when not bursting.

Besides, Mages are squishy. When Ice Barrier is down and our 2 freezes are on CD, we drop like a sack of potatoes unless we Ice Block - a spell with 5 min CD, can be dispelled by Warriors / Priests and makes us unable to do anything for the duration. There's a reason Mages are a popular target to attack in 3v3 at higher ratings - it stops us from doing enough burst damage to blow people up, and as soon as you've forced our cooldowns you've got a helpless cloth user to kill for a win.
the glyph with fireblast detonation was never implemented?
and as u can see those are only small nerfs on the frost tree, iam talkin about frost mages.
that frostbomb still crits for 300k on 60% resil players.

also take a look at double mage in 2v2, i think thats the only setup with the same class that can reach 2k+ easily since cata.

warriors dmg is sick indeed, but what does that dmg do when u cant hit?
i 2s or 3s for example a good mage can controll a warrior for the whole game with novas polys and then lock the healer with deep freeze and counter spells.

and i havnt noticed ANY nerfs to frostbomb since it still hits for half ur hp.
and it seems like frostbolt was removed from the game? never see any mages cast frostbolt these days, frostbomb 3 icelance = dead. if not? repeat.
Locking thread as it started with a generic "nerf" request.
Gameplay balance feedback is always welcomed but make sure you are constructive about it!

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