Returning druid with some questions

Hi all, I used to play druid but lost interest mid cata because I was dumb and didn't know that I could change specs but now I'm back and I'm really liking balance druid and its glyphs.

I started again on Silvermoon and as soon as I made it to level 10 (quite quickly in cat form) I was going to play feral but after I looked at my spell book and saw boomkin at level 16 and saw how with the moonbeast glyph I could do some healing in boomkin form I just instantly picked balance.

Unfortunately when I was in the stockades today I saw I had lowest dps, lower than my groups warrior tank and I just don't know what went wrong! At level 25 I instantly got moonbeast glyph and actually managed to heal gnomeragan with healing touch and rejuvenation and got 2nd highest dps so I'm finally going to settle on Silvermoon and level to 90 for once :)

So here are my questions about pvp etc. etc. :

1. Is there a trick with the mushrooms and wild charge? The mushrooms are rated as allies and while not shapeshifted I should be able to wildcharge to them shouldn't I? That'd be a really neat trick in pvp if I got knocked off a cliff or someone tried to melee me or if I wanted to be able to climb back up to somewhere.

2. For balance and restro (no interest in melee or tanking) what stats should I take? I want to use boomkin mainly.

3. I'm wondering if I should use faerie swarm, typhoon or mass entanglement for boomkin, I'll be using ursols vortex definetly.

4. Would I be able to put hurricane and solar beam where I put ursols vortex? With the speed decreases and silences I think they'd be really good for crowd control.

5. I'm also stuck as to whether I should use natures swiftness, renewal or cenarion ward for level 30. I'm coming close to level 30 now and I don't want to make the wrong choice as I'm very tight on money.

6. Is it literally ALL kiting or can I just stand still and use wrath or starfire when no one is attacking me and in dungeons if the tank is competent.

7. Do you think I should race change to worgen later on? I've got an idea of this really quirky druid who fights using mushrooms and nature to its fullest like Radagast the Brown from the lord of the rings trilogy (or was it the hobbit :s) and is slightly insane but always has a sense of protection for his friends and nature.

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