Best thing to use honor points on at max level?

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Once I'm decked out in the honor points gear, I would like to use them to get some money back now and then. What do you do with your honor points?

Was thinking maybe buy one of the onehanded weapons and vendor it. But perhaps there is a better use out there?
Supposedly, the best pure money conversion is to get the 1h Agi dagger from level 70, wait 2 hours then Vendor it. You could try selling the Cataclysm mats, but that's based on your server. Apart from that, 4k Honor makes a Spirit of Harmony, which you can use to trade for other Trade Goods.

If you're an enchanter, buy the Off-Hand/Shield and shard it, sell Sha Crystals.
That would be brutal gladiator's shiv, offhand dagger with stamina crit pvp resi hit attackpower and haste for 16 gold 7silver and 38cents, costing 105honor points to buy?

Seems good to me.
quick calculation says ca 636gold per 4000 honor points. Me like. Tyvm mate :)

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