Mageblade not displaying on character

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Tyrannical Gladiator's Mageblade doesn't show on character.

Anyone else has this problem ? afaik it didnt show on ptr either. Is this just a bug or intended ?

to be more precise:
it does display when held in hands but doesnt show while casting etc. it seems like this sword is carried on back because the animation of my character unsheathes it from behind its neck. same goes for the offhand but i think that it is intended to not be displayed on back.

tested fighting animations aswell. they work properly so far.
Do you mean that when you're fighting, it's not actually shows that you have it equipped? Unless it's an invisible sword, I don't think that is intended. ;)
Got the Same Problem
Has anyone heard about this getting fixed ? If not I am going to start looking for a suitable transmog, even though I'd prefer the original style of the sword.
It's been like that since PTR. I don't think they care much, they're too busy buffing the hero class.
27/03/2013 18:17Posted by Thornass
Unless it's an invisible sword,
Got sword today, its bugged. Tryed transmog old mace for this sword, it become invisible. Well hope for soon fix...
Finally, a PVP caster sword! and It buged, its invisible for my as well.
bug confirmed....hope we get a fix soon
It has been reported at the season start, getting fixed with 5.3, however it doesnt affect tramog.

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