So i don't get any Shado-Pan daily quests ... why?

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So i looked up Shado-Pan rep grinding and to my surprise i found that theres a daily hub at the Shado-Pan garrison and Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes. I say to my surprise because get this... i don't see any quests.

Clearly i have broken some quest chain or something, maybe missed a quest drop, i don't know. Does anyone know how to activate the daily quests there? I've flown around all over the place and cant find any quests, and no missed quests show on any other maps so uhhh.. Halp!

Just my luck.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Uhh the last quests i remember doing in that area was one to do with an unruly yak thing for a grummel guy, and i brought some scouts crossbow or something back to him, from his son. Or something like that.
You have to reach Revered with Golden Lotus before you can do any Shado-Pan dailies. This is a work of design genius considering that you meet the Shado-Pan much sooner and gain rep with them while in Townlong.
Well that clears it up then, thanks a lot.

Yes, that is stupid.

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