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Just bringing to peeps attention the Oqueue addon for those that might not be familiar with it.
It uses battletags of those with the addon to provide an interface for both creating and joining premade teams. Used mostly for rated bg's but can be used for anything else as well.

It facilitates xrealm group organisation as well and after installing it over the weekend I've found it much easier to cap a couple of char's.

Easy to use and should get faster and faster to find teams the more people use it.

Particulary useful if you find yourself without the rating to get in higher rated guild teams yet and/or end up spamming trade chat for groups/pugs. Many games run without comms even as well.

however your friendlist tends to fill quit fast
I've actually tried it for a few days.

I removed it because I find it annoying that it gets your friend-list full and I keep hearing that sound as if someone would IM me, tho nobody does.

Also, it's full of russians, nothing against russian people, but they generally don't speak english, at least those I've interacted with.
I find the friends list filling function very annoying as well.

However there is a solution for that as well. If you open the addon options window and go to the "setup" - tab you'll see two boxes named "Remove OQ-added B.net friends - Remove now" and "Remove b-tag from scorekeeper - Remove b-tag". Click both of those EVERY time you've used the addon before logging off. That way it removes all the friends added during that session. I made the mistake not doing this for couple of sessions and I have friend list full of people I never interact with.

That being said, I very warmly recommend the addon. It is a great tool finding groups for caps and low rated RBG:s. If you have good enough memory to delete the new friends after each session, it has no side effects either afaik.
I have been using it for about a week now and I enjoy it very much.
I have played about 15 rbgs in maybe 7 or 8 different groups and most of them were quite enjoyable.

From "no voice cap" to "1600+ ts3 needed", everything is available.

Last night I played with some polish dudes, and we ended up playing 5-1. In between games I was wondering why we did so well, because they didn't write any tactics down or whatsoever.
As it turned out the 9 other guys we're in Teamspeak and I soon joined them...but it didn't really help me that much because they were talking Polish only (I speak English, French and German, but no Polish). So I didn't understand anything except some words (druid, healer etc).

But they liked me because I obviously must have played well in their eyes. Two of them added me in the Battlenet and told me not to remove them. So I am looking forward to play with my new polish friends again. :)

But I agree, I don't like the filled friendslist. It's really annoying searching for your real friends. They should implements manageable groups on the friendslist or something similar.

But it's a great tool if you play on a small and or inactive server.

Thought I'd give this one a friendly lil' bump.
Been mostly churning random battlegrounds with russians for the lulz (which is actually the reason I got the addon in the first place), but getting bored looking for a rbg cap group for my alt (maybe I've just been unlucky but people tend to look at you funnily when you aren't a MW) ended up joining a no voice cap group with people from prettymuch every languagegroup on the EU servers.
Was actually quite a refreshing experience even if it was just to get my alt capped, and I'm pretty sure when time allows it I'm gonna continue looking for groups here, feels like a great way to get to play with new people from outside of your realm.

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