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i need to someone to help me pick one as well i want RBG and BG's to be more even in draneor at the moment and loose about well 10 bgs loose 9
stormscale is the best horde pvp server ignore anyone who says otherwise
16/04/2013 21:31Posted by Cheeseberry
Lose the attitude kid,


Oh the irony of seeing you write such words.
Twisting Nether

All horde dominated, high populated PvP realms (English). A:H ratio ~ 1:10
I moved my characters to Al'akir (Horde) ofcourse, im really positive about the server the A:H Ratio isn't a lie for sure. Many bg wins aswell
if your definition of pvp is 50 horde vs 2 alliance then Stormscale is your best pick. If you want fairly equal odds and an active PVP (WPVP) server and you don't mind RP, Defias Brotherhood is the best candidate.
Frostmane Horde is dead, i tell you, dead.
Twisting Nether

All horde dominated, high populated PvP realms (English). A:H ratio ~ 1:10

Al 'akir ? thank god i xfered this rogue from there - the server is dead there are 98% horde and 2% ally (even less) and the hordes are sitting afk in org all the time - nothing to do there.
Transferred my "main" toon to Outland in Cata patch, quite liked my stay there. Raided Horde cities etc. was fun. However, for that I had to change my handsome Orc Warrior to a sloppy Human Warr.
Now thinking of transferring my chars somewhere else. Defias looks like a good choice.

2 Ally chars on Outland
1 Horde Sylvanas.
Go to Vekni'lash lol
I found with stormscale you dont get as many BG wins as you would expect? still the same? wanna move back into pvp with horde just deciding on server
my main warr. is in Stormscale and its easy to find group for rbg and pushing rating but so much queue when patchs come. also i boost my new priest in Tarren-mill good server for pve but for pvp its almost dead..
I say Stormscale for Horde
Stormscale is good if your skilled, if your an average player or just starting out you will find it elitest and hard to get into decent groups. If your more silver league then gold you would be happier elsewhere. Thats from talking to 11 people I knew who all went there and regreted it. I personally like EU Blackrock for horde, it is German language though. Good people there and good groups (in my experience)
2013 necro, but if anyone is still interested in knowing what servers are active for PvP, I'd say Defias Brotherhood has the most active for WPvP. 1/2 ratio, so a pretty balanced server.
16/04/2013 09:58Posted by Bravilla
Whats the most populated or most "pvpish" horde server out there? Looking to find a good one i atleast have a chance to win a tb or bg with :P

Defias brotherhood is a fine realm. awesome horde server going across server on horde side on that realm alot... friendly ppl around

however. if u want a full dominating server of horde thats stormscale... many unfriendly players....thats the real reality...

Kazzak is also great friendly server.. been there on my mage... some good old friends "guildies" stayed on that realm as horde

Outland is also Great for world Pvp but not for battlegrounds and more,

if u wana have alot of your servers in bg's il suggest ul take the top 3.

Defias brotherhood

u barely see outland ppl of horde in bg's...

16/04/2013 10:59Posted by Saethe
outland horde is the best obviously. for one thing its not stormscale, for another thing you have outland alliance to fight against, which is the biggest pop & generally highest skilled ally server in EU (except for german servers)

hmmn skilled about the part of arena could be.
(highest skilled server on eu Ur wong on that part) they just love to slaughter horde thats a fight 1to10 wow rly "skillfull" nuwbs!
Biggest population thats a fact.
But yes it the realm that does the most World pvp because u dont have any other choise its crawling around of ally's 24/7 and the love to gank with 10 ally's on 1 horde. wow just phetathic

if i'm not mistaken
<<<< Ravencrest >>>> ALMOST every person in top 50 in RBG's is from ravencrest ;)
even some of my realm are on top 50+ on arenas aswell...(none boosted once) like outland boosted ppl,
not wana show off but just saying :)
16/04/2013 20:38Posted by Saethe
hey cheeseberry, someone phoned me said they didnt care about your opinion via the cayman islands but thanking you remotely via western union heres 99cents

Oh look, someone from Outland.
hey peeps.

just in need of a bit of help.

i am looking to move relm from emrald dream to another pve server, but i am looking for 1 to join that have some really good pvp guilds in.

but really after a guild that is doing RBGs plus arena

any advice would be great cheers.

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