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Does anyone know Huo-Shuan's spawn time? I've been waiting for an hour at Bloodtip's spawn for him, but it's just not happening. The Dominators are there instead of the spiders btw, so that should mean he's up, right?
There are different mobs up each day so waiting for an hour wont really do anything if it's not his day, Just go there and wait for 10min each day, If he's not up within 10min come back next day.
His "turn" is a low chance.

I've never seen him, only the other guy in the room instead. Basically if the other guy is there he won't spawn.
I think I had to wait like 1 month for the last 2 to appear on my server. You can try cross-realm invites, though.
Checking everyday it took a little over 4 weeks for him to spawn for me. But he did spawn eventually instead of the lion or spider who seemed to be up every other day.

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