Celestial Blessings quest - Will it be nerfed in 5.4?

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Personally, I am glad of how hard it is. Rather than nerfing the melee DPS, I would rather they made the others harder (I haven't seen the others, so I have no idea how "easy" they are).

As a rogue with ilvl 520 as well, it took a few attempts (about 10, I think). But I was done in less than an hour.
With all the weeks grinding valor, sigils, secrets, and runestones, I liked the actual fighting. Even the celestial blacksmith fight took a few attempts. Makes me feel a little more like I've earned the rewards.

Getting used to kiting the adds and using Shuriken Toss (the first time I've ever used that talent) took some time, but I was able to avoid the ground AoE (most of the time) and the adds and Wrathion's frontal attack.
Between waves of adds, I nuked Wrathion, then went back to running away. Fan of Knives on the images. Switching targets on the adds to apply Deadly Poison on as many as possible. Using combo points for Recuperate. Kidney Shot on Wrathion when I could, for the extra damage from Prey on the Weak.
I also had leeching poison, sea mist rice noodles, spring blossom flask, and drums of forgotten kings. Save defensive cooldowns for adds (they will catch up to you eventually). And just nuke Wrathion when you have a clearing.

All in all, I think my DPS was about 80k total. As mentioned, I think, there's no enrage, so focus more on surviving. You can also vanish without resetting the fight, so if you have Cloak and Dagger, you can use it to close the gap between you and Wrathion if you need to interrupt something. But he tends to jump to you anyway. Also, I did notice that he kept facing me, so I couldn't get behind him to attack, except when he was casting his frontal attack.

Or you can wait until you have ilvl 530+ and nuke him while completely ignoring the mechanics.
Kiting the adds and using Shuriken oss didn`t work for me to low DPS

What i did was when the adds spawned i used all offencive and defencive CD`s
still focusing on the Prince Using blade flurry that got the adds down in seconds

But the important part was to kick all of his cast that is interruptible
i never had to run away at all that made it much easier to get him down fast

Fan of Knives on the images they spawned two times in a row for me
I used 250 agility food and a spring blossom flask and the blessing buff
Tried rdd challenge as ilvl 526 shadowpriest. Tried, and tried and tried, without any progress.
Gave up and finished healers challenge.
In pvp gear.
The difficulty disparity between these two challenges is crazy. Healing challenge felt like a pat from Blizzard.
I did this quest yesterday on my Rogue ilvl 510 after 10 try`s
was hard but did it get nerfed in the last reset perhaps ?

ok, impressed now. most i saw where above ilvl 525.

Doing this at lvl 514 now and still feels impossible. Using everything i can, food, flasks, stamina scroll etc, temple buff, potions etc. still dont understand these adds, 1 time i kill them easy without health drop, next time they nuke me within 3 secs. using all cd's

Got him to 10% one time, blinded him to get my health up. During this time 3rd set of adds spawned. (not the mirror ones (yeah i got those too at same time though)) So adds spawn randomly even when wrathion is debuffed. that was one set to many.

Guess I need to keep trying or get some upgrades to make it a little easier.

Edit: Ok, finally got it, with an extra 516 weapon upgrade and some gear upgrades I was able to defeat him. Took a few tries ofcourse. food 300+, stamina scroll, temple buff. Got no raid buffs since I am not in a guild. Safed killing spree for 2nd wave of adds which made it a little easier to get ridd them fast and continue on wrathion. Stun him and make sure you go out on him max combo points while behind him as much as possible.

Good luck to others,
Having just read thru this thread quickly I was unaware of the Change of Command being nerfed, but can understand with it being done due to lack of players available, it was something I wondered about when I did it months ago, no-one in my guild was anywhere near that stage, so I just hung around & waited for more players to turn up & we soon had a group of 7 of us & did it no problem. But I thought the longer time went on how many people would be waiting to do this stage & how tricky would would it be to gather a group - so, yes, makes sense to nerf this part.
But as for Celestial Blessings, I agree with most, no, it shouldn't be nerfed! Someone quite rightly said previously, after weeks & weeks of collecting this & that, at low drop rates etc it's good to finally have a fight & earn your reward! There are plenty of guides & videos now of how to tackle your individual quest.
I was at ilvl 529 when I did this stage (I think?) & it took me around an hour & half to finally succeed in it. But was so chuffed to complete this & by the looks of 5.4 this reward gets another upgrade on it as you progress thru the final stage of the quest line.
Yes it's difficult (I did however struggle far more with CG Engineering in Brawlers Guild!!), but I think it needs to be! The Legendary Questline has had a few tweaks already (Test of Valour is another!!)... So, just stick with it & I'm sure you'll eventually succeed! Good luck :)
Well, it was nerfed, as expected. Blizzard guys have agreed that damage dealer's version was a pain.

Celestial Blessings: Reduced the health and damage of Neltharion's Tears for players attempting Yu'lon or Xuen's Celestial Challenge.
Blizzard guys have agreed that listening to QQing was a pain.

Been trying to do this for 3weeks now as a shadowpriest changed all wot I can , looked at videos ect .. but when I do it, the mechanics act diffident to the videos which makes it harder.
So after trying to talk to a gm which was a wast of time. I give up ..

I'm now trying as a healer (never played healer b4 ) but as above mechanics act diffident to the videos but at least not paying repair bills.. but the way its going cant see me getting the cloak ..
As a healer priest you have one big advantage: Leap of Faith. Pull Wrathion away from where he stands cowering when the missiles come, and you at least won't have to heal through those.
COuldn't do neither could my partner. Numerous tries. Respecced, changed gems and enchants. Watched videos. No avail.
That's simply because you are bad then, the quest is not hard at all.

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