Cannot progress quest 'incoming...'

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I am lvl 90. Did all the legendary quest line quests up to 'incoming...'

is says i need to 'Await Your Naval Fleet. It doesn't tell me how to progress. Some say i can turn the quest in at The Veiled Stair. Nope. Some say i need to pick up a quest in Karasani wilds. Wich one? There many and i don't care to do them all hoping eventually i get the right one. Some say i need to go to a horde camp all the way to the most south island. No quests there. Some say i need to get a quest from a bull in Shrine of 2 moons. Bull has no quest for me.

This is totally pissing me off. How the hell am to progress here! is the quest you are looking for if I am not mistaken.
Judging from wowhead comments, you also need to complete a few quests

Meet the Scout:
Might of the Warchief:
Domination Point:

Originally, this quest was to indicate the end of the 5.0 quests and the incoming arrival of 5.1. I assume that completing the above quests made sense in terms of chronology/lore at the time.
Meet the Scout:

I am not getting this quest from anyone??? Maybe i already done it? Does anyone know how to find out if i already finished this?
I am not getting this quest from anyone??? Maybe i already done it? Does anyone know how to find out if i already finished this?
Go to where the scout is and see if there are any quests in the area.
According to wowhead:

You have completed Meet the Scout.

The Might of the Warchief is incomplete. So is Dommination Point.
Same problem as before. No horde base there. Noone to give me a quest... I see the Alliance fighting there but nothing happens if i kill 1...
The only thing I can find, which may not be of any use if you've completed it already, is talk to a tauren in Shrine named Sunwalker Dezco (near the flight path). It may trigger something.

You should't see the Horde base yet, because the Horde/Alliance forces have just arrived and have yet to set up the bases.

Not sure what to suggest if there's no one there to give you a quest. Other than going to Shrine, Seat of Knowledge, checking your quest log, and flying about the area in Krasarang...
I got it! I finally found the quest giver hidden behind a boat on the beach. Thanks

Finding the quest giver was a damn bit harder then the quest itself
im stuck on this quest too I abandoned in one part cuz I didn't know ho to complete the quest and I have comleted all the quests and nothing is appearing
oh no problem anymore
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19/10/2013 11:53Posted by Shadowwalkér
I have the same problem bur]t for the alliance??
Where did you find the quest giver on the beach?
I'm on The Might of the Warchief, but when I kill alliance and find the NPC's, I don't get it done in the quest.. Any suggestions?
Having similar problem. Would the fact that I faction changed half way through mists alter anything??
i need help with the legendary quest "incoming"
i took the quest but i dont know what i should do to finish it? people say i need to do some other quests before i can do the main quest?
you have to go krasarang wilds, and go to the furthest island to left ( west ) you will find king garoosh he will ask you to do 3 things one of is to kill 25 alliance then llight up a beacon and you are done !

once you have done the 3 things, then go back where the legendary quest started :)

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