5.4 Patch.

Technical Support
I keep getting a messege; Failed to apply patch. Please try again later. If this problem persists you may need to reinstall or contact technical support.

What do i doto get patch???

Is your Launcher working correctly, has it attempted to patch there?

If not, or you're not using the Launcher, can you tell us what the Launcher does when you run it?
im running Wow-64
You need to run the Launcher - the game can only be patched through the Launcher. Can you run that and let me know what happens?
Ill need reinstall game it seems.
You can keep your game client as it is, just download the installer from here:

It'll ask you where you want to install it - choose the same game folder, and it'll just replace any missing files.
I have an issue where it says "Failed to download required File. Please check your internet connection and try again.". Now, my internet is running perfectly fine with no problems so I do not know why it isn't download the new patch, please help!


Your issue is completely different to the one Questra has.

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