Drive back the Flame - The grind of all grinds

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Why have Blizzard brought back this grind for rep type quest? Just curious....

....Not that I am complaning, I actually really enjoy it. I think its the first time I've actually joined a team of other players on my server to actually achieve something quest wise in ages!

Just curious as to why Blizzard decided to implement this now and not earlier in MoP?

Ty :)
tbh it is your choice to 'grind' it, you actually get daily rep from the 'kill 20 elites' quest, its your choice if you wanna suppliment that with killing cows outside of the 20 kills. - personally i just do the daily, and kill about 5 cows (they take ages to kill compared to other elites) to fulfil some of the elite criteria
I agree about it being fun. I haven't played before MoP so I don't know how it was in the "gold ol' days" but farming rep, especially in Ordon Sanctuary, where you're not fighting so hard to actually tag something, is fun. Until someone pulls a few Kilnmasters and a Priest...

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