LFM Honor Farming - Krasarang Wilds (Rare Spawns)

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I'm looking for people on specifically low population (Won't be accepting realms that are full / frequently locked) realms to grind honor from the 3 horde champions in Domination Point (Krasarang Wilds) each kill yields 275 honor with the guild honor buff.

The spawn timer for these rares are 30 - 60 minutes and we will be killing them on each server as they spawn, granted no one else is farming them on the server's we have.
I will only accept 1 person from each server, taking 2 from the same server make's it awkward and yields less honor.

There is no gear requirement other than being 90 to do this. Alts are of course welcome. Any spec is welcome, these mobs can be killed easily by 1/2 dps but more is of course quicker
Typically with no interrupts and a full party it takes only a few hours to grind full Tyrannical gear on any char.

Add my Btag @ GruaigRua#2831 and leave a note with the name of your server.

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