Headless Horseman won't appear in Goldshire.

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I've waited for over 30 minutes since i took the quest "Stop the fires!" Which as far as i know SHOULD trigger him to come, though aftr waiting for more than 30 minutes i've realized that he doesn't actually spawn... So eh, can anyone explain why this is happening?? Or am I the only one who've experienced this so far??
21/10/2013 18:52Posted by Kaélos
i took the quest "Stop the fires!" Which as far as i know SHOULD trigger him to come

I don't believe so, with the amount of people doing the quest there would be non stop multiple spawnings. I believe you will find he is on a timer.
Well, more than 30 min timer or..?
21/10/2013 18:58Posted by Kaélos
Well, more than 30 min timer or..?

I'm afraid I do not know, I do know he was flying around Goldshire on my realm for over 20 minutes yesterday! I got bored waiting for the pumpkin to smash and went off to a raid :P

If I recall correctly, last year, the orphan matron by the bucket will tell you when he is due soon.
Well, i hope he'll spawn soon, or if there is a bug then i hope blizz fixes it :)
Can you try abandoning and retaking the quest?
Doesn't he come every hour on the hour?
(Did my sentence even make sense? too tired...)
Actually, the way I remember it was that you would get a quest there at the town, then had to put out fires. If you do it correctly and put out all the fires he would spawn and you could kill him.
I think the time varies as to what time of the day it is. I've seen him every 10 minutes some days and others every half hour
The horseman comes automatically and lights all the fires. It's only when they're all out that he lands on the ground.

I remember a few years ago there was a problem with this and, every so often, we had to ask someone to give him a boot up the backside to appear. In fact, we had a thread just for that purpose. It hasn't happened for several years, though, so I doubt it's the same thing.
The Horseman spawns as soon as someone picks up the daily quest about putting out the fires.

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