Cool and pretty easy to get transmog gear for DK

Death Knight
Hi, I want a new gear set...

And I really like this one:

But, you need to have: blacksmithing 500 and stuff...

So please, leave your suggestions!
If I understood your link correct - you do not need blacksmithing for this set. helm drops from Ji-kun, and boots come from ... are likely zone drop. But most of this set is also available at valor and you have to choose class paladin and you ought to be able to buy the items.

You may just have to find different boots and do normal ToT with friends, who absolutely understand your mog needs. But I think in T14 were boots that matched warrior set on LFR (which is also brownish yellowish)which might fit this set too. But I am not entirely 100% sure if colours were perfect match. I think alternate boots are "out somewhere" for you.
Cool, easy and soloable: icc 10 hc gear (scourgelord)

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