Soloing LK 25hc

Paladin it doable as a Prot paladin in the current patch with the current vengeance?

I've spent about 10 hours now trying to solo him, but it all eventually boils down to the enrage timer. I've managed to get him down to 23% or so however, this is where the enrage timer kicks in and *poof* I'm dead.

I'm well aware of the videos on youtube doing it but none that I've seen is showing their vengeance stacks which makes me suspect that they were done in 5.3 where standing in defile booster your vengeance.

I on the other hand have not been able to get my vengeance above 30k or so. Should I try to get more retri gear in order to increase damage taken in order to boost vengeance? DPS-wise I'm hovering between 200k (start of fight with ghouls) and ending at around 135-140k dps. I have one cleave trinket with a strength proc so doing a single target rotation on LK is enough to kill the ghouls before second transition is over.

Edit: Link to my pala's armoury
I hope it is possible.
I've struggled to do it as prot since the 5.4 vengance changes, seems that defile doesn't give the vengance that it used to.

However, retri, with seal of insight and sacred shield manages it just fine. (4 set helps for clearing up the adds)
Done it as ret a couple of times.

Tried it as as prot and could never survive when he enrages.While as retribution i clear him way before the berserk timer runs out.
Sooooo, finally got him down. Was tight tho. Last harvest soul came about 55 seconds before enrage while LK was at 13,3 million hp. So I came out about 5 seconds before he enraged. Popped all cd's got hit few times after which couple of 1,4 million avengers shields did the trick.

In total it took me maybe 20-30hours of wiping. What sealed the deal was a ToT lfr dps trinket and 4 pieces of normal gear from SoO.

Used a STR flask and pre pot + 300 STR food. Talentwise went with EF, US, HA and Executions Sentence.

Used Seal of Truth all the way till the second transition. Trial and error thought me that I can survive the first intermission easily with SoT on while for the second one and from there onwards I needed Seal of Insight.

Interestingly Seal of Truth did a total 1,8 million damage and I'm not sure wheter I would've survived long enough to do that amount of damage even with the high vengeance after enrage. Well, now he's down and that's enough for mount tho...bastard.

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