Russian and European Players to Meet in Battle!

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The winds of change are blowing across World of Warcraft’s European Arenas and Battlegrounds. As the next step in what we started with Patch 5.4 and its changes to region-wide matchmaking, Russian and European players will soon be able to face off against each other.

Every player queuing for a Battleground or Arena will still join a team with players from realms with the same language designation – German with German, English with English, and so on. However, this change means that now a Russian-speaking team might be pitted against a team from anywhere in Europe.

Russian players will still be able to join a cross-realm group with their RealID friends from European realms, and queue with them for Battleground and Arena matches.

And finally, so you’ll know who cut you down just as you were capping that flag – players using non-Russian clients are now able to see character names in Cyrillic.
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Really nice.....meeles wont even be able to hit the target...
Russians will now dominate EU players... :D
players using non-Russian clients are now able to see character names in Cyrillic.

About time, really. Any crossrealm PuG with Cyrillic names was nasty for healers, since raid frames were just so bad at handing those.
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This is so stupid, impossible to call out any kind of names if needed be.

And no matter what you say there will be an increase in latency. The link from Europe to Russia will be at least another 40-50ms no matter how you put it. So where will these BGs be run. In Russia or in Europe (Germany/France) and what side will suffer the higher latency in these cases.
Nelle, RU realms are part of the EU region. So latency shouldn't be any different.
long time coming
Now allow players with full euro versions of WoW to use English clients at Russian realms and I will be eternally grateful
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So whilst the majority of european players would like nothing to do with the russians in PvP, Blizzard decide the best course of action is to force us to integrate even more? Excellent. What a wise decision. Please, shower us more with your wonderful ideas.
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Great. So we have a chance of fighting ?????????? and ????????? because for some reason we can't see the russian letters. I want to t least be able to see who i kill!
Russan players are very hostile too any player wich is not their nation. And its not just wow.
95% are very toxic.

Very sad if you think so. 95%?funny.

Many times when i enter EU BGs people in my team say "Russians with us free win", "Russians good" and other.

This is becouse we so mad?

Sorry for my bad eng)

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