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There is a new World of Warcraft Combat Analysis project -

Key Features:
* Guild Raid Sessions Management - Easy navigation.
* Multi-Team Guild Support - Manage all teams under a single or many account sharing the same guild association.
* Role Detection.
* Attempt Overview Report - Output pies, Tank/Raid Healing Responsiveness and Role Cast.
* Meters and Histograms Reports - The obvious plus Efficiency information.
* Contribution/Distribution Reports - Raid wide reports using a stacking bar chart format.
* Encounter Mechanics Performance Reports - Tailor made hundreds of reports for each Boss encounter.
* Comprehensive Comparison System - Output/Mechanics in both Raid/Players modes.
* Guild and Player Search Tool - Quick access to a Player statistics Page or to a Guild Session Index.
* Ranking system - World/Location/Realm and Multiple Class Specs Support.
* Players and Guild Promotion system.(Not live yet)

Home Page:

Demo Sessions:

Any thoughts, comments and feedback is Welcome!

Author of raidlogs
Looks good but get rid of the gold ads
It's Google Ads doing.
Can't do much but disable the all thing :/
Looks solid. Really like the detailed analize of fight mechanics :)
If you're interested in Attempts Comparison there's a link
comparing 14 attempts on LK25HC
It's Google Ads doing.
Can't do much but disable the all thing :/

Well, you can filter out domains that the gold ads are linking to I believe.
It's Google Ads doing.
Can't do much but disable the all thing :/

You sure as hell can, get people to report the URLs to you and you can block those in the Google Adsense control panle.

Now get to it.
I'll fix that.
I like it so far. The breakdowns (who healed how much of a tank's healing and such, the bar diagrams) have a bug in Chrome 8 where the tooltip keeps blinking every 1-2 seconds, but other than that it works fine, looks sassy and I don't mind the ads (AdThwart ^_^).


How long do you retain analysed logs?
Carrigan, Thanks for pointing that out, I'll have a look at it in a few hours.

All the data is aggregated so theoretically I don't have a strict capacity limit.
It'll probably be kept a six months for the least.
Ok, looking good so far, just did a test upload. Lots of small things like pet ability-damage not being listed in the same screen as the owner's damage details, some kills not being recognized as hard modes while the wipes before them were (check the upload for Ab Aeterno Emerald Dream I made a few minutes ago), remaining boss percentage not being parsed.

Definitely liking this though, I like how it sorts per-boss so for me as a raidleader it's focused on the important "how do we do compared to our average".
I've looked at your upload, I'll fix it ASAP.

Glad you like it.

first of all it does look pretty good but there are some things missing

first a possibility to search for special things eg stuns on valkyrs if they did not work out and u want to know why

second i am missing the buffs gained tab to check for speedpots etc.

third debuffs tab missing as well

and last i could not find a way to check if people got hit by stuff any other than checking every single person not by clicking on the ability to see who it did hit

hope that helps
keep up the good work

edit says would be also awesome to see when heroism was cast and people did on the diagrams on the front page
That is one great tool.

It is so easy to navigate, and yet gives very comprehesive results

Glad you like it.
About the buff/debuffs tabs, it was omitted in favor of having ad-hoc reports.
I felt that browsing into a 60+ buffs/debuf list was not a streamline way of a user experience.
I wanted people to get information with as much relevancy to their query.
Saying that, Speedpots, anticrash(tank) pots are needed, There will be a dedicated report to show that.

About the debuffs, I see debuffs as part of the fight mechanism. If a crucial debuff is missing from the Mechanics Reports I'll add it to the proper place(or create a new report if needed)

About people got hit by stuff, You're right and I will add such a report. ATM you can:
* Use the Damage Taken by Sources/Target. this will visually help you to see damage taken break into target in a raid-wide stacking chart report. (though it'll not tell you what spell hit them, In a multi-mob fight this report comes in very handy)
* Use a specific Mechanic Report that deal with the type of ability you're inquiring after.
* Use Player Damage Taken Break into spells.

Heroism will be added for sure!

Glad you like it Noobelf.
The ranking System is now live.
You can set it to World, Location and Realms ranking.
In addition it support also multiple Class Specs.
This link doesn't work anymore, good job btw ;)

Sorry about the broken link, should be working now.
New Dark Theme added!

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