Can I delete WoW\Data\Cache folder contents?

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D:\World of Warcraft\Data\Cache

Will anything extraordinarily bad happen like the game not running and such?

I just thought about it because its 7.81GB of cache files and do I need them or can I delete its contents without resulting in a problem same way as D:\World of Warcraft\Cache?
Any ideas? I know it sounds dumb but still!!!
Yes, you can delete it, but after you do so, your loading screens will be much longer (with the small progress bar below the big one), since the game will again repopulate the cache. So it won't work as a space saver.

E.g., if you want to copy your WoW folder to another computer fast, you can skip copying the ~8Gb data/cache folder.

I don't know details of this new caching mechanism, but I can't quite figure out how much performance you can gain if you cache ~8GB worth of data from the ~16GB normal data files.

You can delete this cache, however as explained this may result in longer loading screens as the game needs to rebuilt a local game cache.

This can some some performance issues and crashes however.
Thanks for the responce. :) You can delete/lock this thred.

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