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I have an addon called Social_SCT that stopped working 2-3 patches ago when they changed how addons work :) What the addon does is making all messages in whispers, party, raid and battleground (and ofc leaders) appear like SCT in the middle of the screen.
Anyway I'm looking for someone that knows how to program addons that maybe could get it working again. Also if someone recall the addon they maybe could tell me where I got it :P
This may be the wrong place to post an addon but it's the best I could find :)
Thank you in advance :)

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..... yippie... well as I can't post the addon on the forum as it's 5200 characters I've posted it on my guild site: It can be found under Public Discussion post "Social_SCT programming help" by Freeaze or direct link:

Here's the debug message I got privided by addon !Swatter:
Message: ..\AddOns\Social_SCT\Social_SCT.lua line 22:
attempt to index global 'this' (a nil value)
[C]: ?
Social_SCT\Social_SCT.lua:22: OnLoad()
[string "*:OnLoad"]:1:
[string "*:OnLoad"]:1
It'd be an easy fix, but I do need the XML file as well. Can you pastey ( all files, or upload an archive somewhere please?
You need the Social_SCT.xml (1kb) and Social_SCTOptions.xml (21kb) files? Can I upload them the same way as I did with the .lua files on my guildsite? i don't really understand how to use the site but maybe with a quick explanation :P

Edit: think i managed to upload Social_SCTOptions.xml :)
Anywhere I can get them is fine. Pastey works by opening the files and pasting the contents in the input field.
Think I managed to do it on both.

Social_SCT.xml -->
Social_SCTOptions.xml -->
The thread kinda died somehow, Gotai, where are you? <3
Upload on Social_SCT.lua is inc as pastey. On edit.
Pastey stopped working, here are they all again on a new one, codepad.

Social_SCT.lua -->
Social_SCT.xml -->
Social_SCTOptions.xml -->

Hope that is all you need, please I really want this to get working again. Don't know anywhere else to ask :(

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