General FAQ
  • The Curse of Naxxramas Adventure is Hearthstone’s first single-player campaign, and an all-new way to experience the game. Players will battle against bosses based on the infamous Naxxramas raid dungeon from World of Warcraft. By clearing five different wings and defeating a slew of malevolent bosses, heroes will gain access to new Naxxramas-specific cards for their collection.

  • Each wing of Naxxramas will have a varying number of bosses, with the promise of creepy new cards for each one defeated. In total, players will receive 30 cards from this Adventure, including Legendaries!

  • Cards from Naxxramas cannot be crafted. Only those brave enough to battle their way through each wing may obtain them!

  • Golden versions can be crafted after defeating the Adventure in normal mode. These Golden cards can only be crafted, not won.

  • After each wing is released, the cards that are earned in that wing will be thrown into the mix for everyone to play with in the Arena. Once all five wings have been released, all Naxxramas cards will be included in the Arena for all players, regardless of whether or not they have played the Adventure.

  • This Adventure can be found under the “Solo Adventures” tab in the main menu of Hearthstone. The first wing, the Arachnid Quarter, will be free for a limited time.

  • Naxxramas wings will be released upon the world over the course of five weeks, with each wing opening up its chamber doors one week at a time for 700 in-game gold �or �5.99 / �4.99. Players can get their hands on all of the wings by purchasing bundles ranging from two wings for �8.99 / �6.99 all the way up to all five for �21.99 / �17.49 . However, bundled or not, players will only gain access to each wing as they become available�sorry, �pre-ordering� doesn�t equal early access.

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