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Food. Drinks. StarCraft II.

Food. Drinks. StarCraft II.

Are you interested in joining other eSports enthusiasts to watch a live stream of intense professional StarCraft II action? Check out the following list to see if there's an event being organized in your area!

We know more and more of these events are happening, and we'd love to add them to this list. If you know of a StarCraft viewing event that isn't listed here, please email the following information to

Event Date
Event Page (Reddit, Facebook, etc.)
Location (City, Country)
Venue Name

A Facebook event page is required for us to list an event here. Multiple-day events will be listed as one event, see event pages for details. Event pages will always be more accurate than this list, so be sure to check them for updates and more details. Please note that the times shown below are local times. Make as well sure to check out our blog post for all upcoming tournaments for the next days!

Date Venue City Country Stream Time
23/03 The Scotsman Oslo Norway MLG Columbus 23:00
24/03 Propeller Graz Austria MLG Columbus 21:00
24/03 CK-99 Berlin Germany MLG Columbus 18:00
24/03 Fregatt Pub Budapest Hungary MLG Columbus 17:00
24 & 25/03 Assembly House Kentish Town, London UK MLG Columbus 13:00
25/03 Kringers No2 Vienna Austria MLG Columbus 18:00
25/03 Gasquen Linköping Sweden MLG Columbus 19:00
25/03 Cape Bar Nottingham UK MLG Columbus 17:00
25/03 Deez Bar Derby UK MLG Columbus 17:00
25/03 Kawiarnia Naukowa Cracow Poland MLG Columbus 18:00
25/03 Pinokio Szczecin Poland MLG Columbus 16:00
25/03 Kyoto Lounge Manchester UK MLG Columbus 15:00
25/03 O'Learys Aalborg Denmark MLG Columbus 18:00
25/03 Trotters Bar Essex UK MLG Columbus 16:00
25/03 Three Lions Trondheim Norway MLG Columbus 19:00
25/03 The Scotsman Oslo Norway MLG Columbus 16:00
25/03 The Crib Stockholm Sweden MLG Columbus 19:00
25/03 Restaurang Vasastan Goteborg Sweden MLG Columbus 15:00
25/03 Mash Dizengoff Tel-Aviv Israel MLG Columbus 21:00
25/03 Cafe Alternatywa Warsaw Poland MLG Columbus 15:00
25/03 U-7 Sports Bar Wroclaw Poland MLG Columbus 17:00



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