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WCS - Spain Nationals

WCS - Spain Nationals

The next national event in the StarCraft II World Championship Series takes place in Madrid, Spain. The top 16 Spanish StarCraft II players will fight for a $10,000 USD prize pool and two slots in the Europe Finals. This event will be broadcast directly from a studio in Madrid, and coverage will be available in both Spanish and English. If you're in the area, why not attend one of the official Barcraft events taking place in Madrid and Barcelona?

See below for more information, including qualifier details and finalists. Nearer to the date, a link to a stream of the televised finals will also be available.



Spain National Finals

April 18: Qualifier #1 by ESL (closed)
April 20: Qualifier by ArenaZero (closed)
April 25: Qualifier #2 by ESL (closed)
April 27: Qualifier by MediaVida (closed)
May 2: Qualifier #3 by ESL (closed)
May 6: Qualifier by Tapas y Juegos (closed)
May 13: Qualifier by AlfaBetaJuega
April 15 - May 15: Casificatorio GoES4SC2

Finals Information

May 26 – 27

Madrid, Spain

Prize Pool:

Number of Participants: 16

# of European Slots: 2

Qualifier Finalists
LucifroN Karont3 e-Sports Club Quali ArenaZero
VortiX Karont3 e-Sports Club Quali ArenaZero
AlaStOr x6tence Quali MediaVida
LoL_vs_xD Karont3 e-Sports Club Quali ESL #1
NaRa Apsc2 Quali ESL #1
kayZer x6tence Quali ESL #2
MikOeL Apsc2 Quali ESL #2
ToxiC Giants Quali MediaVida
HoBBiT Giants Quali ESL #3
DeathFate Apsc2 Quali ESL #3
IeZaeL Img Quali Tapas y Juegos
EviLiS Giants Quali Tapas y Juegos
EmPiReS   Quali AlfaBetaJuega
ZeroX   Quali AlfaBetaJuega
Blackknight Mpg GoES4SC2
Sirckcraft   GoES4SC2


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