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Happy Birthday, StarCraft II! Community Spotlight – Videos and Compilations

Happy Birthday, StarCraft II! Community Spotlight – Videos and Compilations

Welcome back for the second round of some of the most epic community highlights of the year. With some of our favorite tunes still deeply rooted in our minds, we direct our attention to videos and compilations from the awesome StarCraft II community.

We couldn't possibly forget those who entertain us with their words and/or video creations, including some of those fun videos we shared with our friends on Facebook and through other channels.

Tastosis, the casting Archon
Who doesn’t know Tastosis, the casting Archon? They entertain us and they teach us about StarCraft. That is, when Artosis is not busy dodging high fives. Not nice, Dan (but, maybe that one was just a hallucination).

Both Nick ‘Tasteless’ Plott and Dan ‘Artosis’ Stemkoski are the experienced nerds in our community, and they are like a font of knowledge for all those looking for some ‘nerderly’ advice or words of wisdom!

Tastosis Tips – Life Lessons for Nerds

Eye-opening, educational and hilarious.

Tasteless ladder points compilation

When you click that quick match button and you see Tasteless on the other side of the screen, you might want to surrender immediately. If you feel up for a daunting task, at least prepare yourself for Tasteless’s extreme ladder-point-thievery by watching this video. You have been warned!

Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott aka ‘Day[J]’
There are many great StarCraft II community contributors. We can't even attempt to highlight them all and even if we tried, we would be afraid to miss someone who is as great as the others.

We are sure though that most of you will agree that if we could choose one who has had the biggest impact on all of us, it would be Sean “Day[9]” Plott. We feel that it wouldn’t be a real community spotlight without mentioning him and his passion, dedication, motivation, positive energy and amazing work he brings to the community. If you missed Blizzard’s interview with him, read it here.

Day[9] works relentlessly on numerous StarCraft II related projects, bringing you educational ‘daily’ videos and “making you a better gamer”, doing commentary on many epic eSport tournaments, organizing events and… being funny! Visit his site at—it’s a real treasure-trove!

Day[9] Daily #100 - My Life of StarCraft

To see what kind of person Sean is, what StarCraft means to him, and how he's developed into one of the most-loved StarCraft personalities, you absolutely HAVE to watch this video. A touching and truly unbelievable story of probably the most dedicated StarCraft player in the world.

Day[9] comic

War is hard for everyone. Especially those poor units in the Koprulu Sector, commanded by brave generals, who like to watch Dailies and use “Day[9] made me do it” for an excuse.

Day[9] Scream

If you have your speakers turned up, you might want to turn them down a bit. Sean is the man who is really full of energy.

Day[9] Running man

We weren't sure about this one. But we felt the need to highlight something that is a theme for Day[9]. He is _always_ a professional. Always.

Entertaining, in a different way

PonyCraft II

A different take on the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty trailer. Which Kerrigan do you like more?

The Dancing MULE

We had to include Markus Frank from Germany, the winner of our 2010 EU StarCraft II Video Contest. The creativity and overall production are really amazing and after so many months it is one of our favorite StarCraft II videos.

Which video did you like the most? Do you feel that you have learned something from them? Do you feel there is something else that should be up here? Share it with us and the other members of the community by leaving a comment—we always love us some more StarCraft content.

If you missed the previous community spotlight entry on music, check it out here. Be sure to come back on Monday, when the next part of the community spotlight about art and machinima will be posted!

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