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The Koprulu Sector is Coming to a Coffee Table Near You!

The Koprulu Sector is Coming to a Coffee Table Near You!

The Koprulu Sector is a vast and unforgiving expanse of the galaxy, with diverse and dangerous inhabitants. Three warring factions all strive for galactic domination, resulting in constant and brutal conflicts that span the cosmos. Wherever a faction settles, war soon follows.

Now the war is coming to a coffee table near you! Can you claim supremacy over the battle-torn Koprulu Sector?

RISK: StarCraft Collector's Edition is coming to the UK, offering you a new way to play StarCraft with your friends! This custom RISK board game allows players to assume command of terran, protoss, and zerg factions in strategic warfare set in the StarCraft universe.

The struggles portrayed in the real-time strategy of StarCraft adapt perfectly to classic tabletop RISK gameplay. And just as with the StarCraft we all know and love, the winner here is determined by astute deployment of military might and strategic field tactics.

There are four ways to play the game:

  • Basic Training - quick and easy
  • Command Room - fast-paced and strategic
  • Total Domination - an updated version of the classic game
  • Team Play - take on your opponents in 2v2 and 3v3 modes

RISK: StarCraft Collector's Edition will be available through GAME in the UK starting Friday, November 9 while supplies last. The game retails for £29.99 and comes complete with 333 game pieces. Custom components include: two terran armies, two protoss armies, two zerg armies, six leaders, six custom bases, 15 custom mineral fields, 42 faction/territory cards, a custom game board, and seven dice.

You can pre-order your copy now on

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