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World Championship Series - Nordic Nationals

World Championship Series - Nordic Nationals

After the upcoming Russian Federation and Ukraine Nationals, the next national event in the StarCraft II World Championship Series takes place in Stockholm, Sweden on July 28. The line-up will include the top Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish StarCraft II players, who’ll be battling their countrymen for a share of the $30,000 USD prize pool and some coveted slots in the Europe Finals in September.

The Nordic Nationals event will be broadcast in free HD live from Annexet, Globe Arenas. Some well-known casters including Shaun “Apollo” Clark and Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen will be talking you through the events of the day, while Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson will be your host. You can see a full list of casters as well as livestream and bracket info here.

If you’re in Stockholm on the big day, why not attend in person? Spectator tickets are available through

See below for more information, including venue details, qualifier details, and finalists. Nearer to the date, a link to a stream of the televised finals will also be available.





National Finals Sweden

8-9 October: SM-tävling #1 - E-sport SM (1 slot)
3-6 November: SM-tävling #2 - E-sport SM (1 slots)
17 December: SM-tävling #3 - E-sport SM (1 slot)
28 January: SM-tävling #4 - E-sport SM (1 slot)
18 February: SM-tävling #5 - E-sport SM (1 slot)
16-17 March: SM-tävling #6 - E-sport SM (1 slot)
28-29 April: SM-tävling #7 - E-sport SM (1 slot)
27 May: SM-tävling #8 - E-sport SM (1 slot)
2 July: Online Qualifier #1 - Dreamhack (2 slots)
3 July: Online Qualifier #2 - Dreamhack (2 slots)
11 July: Online Qualifier #3 - Dreamhack (2 slots)
12 July: Online Qualifier #4 - Dreamhack (2 slots)

National Finals Information

Partners: DreamHack

July 28

Stockholm Globe Arenas - Annexet, Sweden

Prize Pool:

Number of Participants: 16

# of European Finals Slots: 3

Bracket Info

ThorZaiN Evil Geniuses E-sport SM
viPro   E-sport SM
LaLuSh Millenium E-sport SM
SjoW Team Dignitas E-sport SM
Forsen Lemondogs E-sport SM
Naugrim NOM Gaming E-sport SM
Cytoplasm Alien Invasion E-sport SM
SortOf Western Wolves E-sport SM
Bischu Team Dignitas National Online Qualifier #1
NaNiwa Quantic Gaming National Online Qualifier #1
MorroW   National Online Qualifier #2
SaSe Quantic Gaming National Online Qualifier #2
ErA   National Online Qualifier #3
Znow Team Infused National Online Qualifier #3
StarNaN Western Wolves National Online Qualifier #4
Seiplo Alien Invasion National Online Qualifier #4







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