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WCS - Stephano Takes the French Championship

WCS - Stephano Takes the French Championship

The StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) France Nationals brought together the top 16 French StarCraft II players at the annual Japan Expo in Paris, from July 5 to 8. The three frontrunners in the exciting tournament earned well-deserved spots to represent France at the WCS Europe Finals in September.

The CupThe Crowd
A huge crowd for the France Nationals

Day 1

The first day of the France Nationals saw most of the favorites going through to the next round. Illyes “Stephano” Satouri, Benoît “Adelscott” Strypsteen, and Antoine “Dayshi” Stievenart came out strong and advanced to the second round of the Championship Bracket.

Censure and KleeneX performed at their best during the France Nationals

However, not all of the favorites went this route. Dayshi’s first victim was French legend Emmanuel “MoMaN” Marquez, who then fell down to the Consolation Bracket.

MoMaN dropped into the Consolation Bracket after his match against Dayshi

Day 2

One of the most highly anticipated matches came on the second day. Stephano faced off against Adelscott in a battle between France’s two most prominent pro gamers. Thanks to his very aggressive play style and self-confidence, Stephano came out on top, proving to be “the man to beat” in the tournament.

Adelscott showed no hard feelings, despite the defeat that sent him to the Consolation Bracket. He joined Stephano at the end of the day in an exciting 2v4 showmatch against four members of the audience.

Stephano and Adelscott
Stephano and Adelscott challenge the audience

Day 3

The biggest surprise of the tournament came with the elimination of Adelscott at the hands of Sébastien “Gato” Lebbe, playing under the name “FireCake.”

Firecake, aka Gato, beat the odds to defeat Adelscott, one of the favourites

In the Championship Bracket, Dayshi confidently won his match against Raphaël “CENSURE” Delétoille, becoming the first French player to earn a spot in the Europe Finals. Shortly after, a very relaxed-looking Stephano confirmed everyone’s expectations by beating Leif “KleeneX” Boutin, also ensuring a place in the Europe Finals.

Day 4

After an early loss in the Championship Bracket, Christophe “Eeel” Boucardey clawed his way back in. His solid micro/macro and quick decision-making allowed him to work his way up to the Consolation Bracket final, where he met Dayshi. After a long set of back-and-forth games, Dayshi took the win. Eeel may have come in third, but we will see him again in the Europe Finals.

Dayshi and Eeel
Dayshi and Eeel congratulate each other for their spots at the European Finals

The France Nationals Grand Final was an exciting battle between Dayshi and Stephano. The terran player Dayshi didn’t make things easy for his zerg adversary, but Stephano’s strong harassment and impeccable macro led him to victory and the WCS France Nationals title.

Stephano: the new French champion

Congratulations to Stephano, the French StarCraft II champion! He’ll move on to represent France in the WCS Europe Finals in September, along with Dayshi and Eeel. This victory also guarantees him a spot in the World Championship in Asia later this year!

Videos of the Matches

Shoutcasters: James "Kaelaris" Carrol, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen, Salome "Soe" Gschwind Penski

Championship Bracket
Round 1.1: BsK vs Laukyo
Round 1.2: MoMaN vs Dayshi (part 2)
Round 1.3: CENSURE vs Gato
Round 1.4: MaSter vs KenZy
Round 1.5: MiNiMaTh vs Stephano
Round 1.6: Adelscott vs NeOAnGel
Round 1.7: PuSh vs Eeel
Round 1.8: SyDe vs KleeneX (part 2)
Round 2.1: Dayshi vs BsK
Round 2.2: MaSter vs CENSURE
Round 2.3: Stephano vs Adelscott
Round 2.4: Eeel vs Kleenex
Championship Bracket Semi Final #1: Dayshi vs CENSURE
Championship Bracket Semi Final #2: Stephano vs KleeneX
Championship Bracket Final: Dayshi vs Stephano

Consolation Bracket
Round 1.1: MiNiMaTh vs NeOAnGel
Round 1.2: SyDe vs PuSh
Round 1.3: MoMaN vs Laukyo
Round 1.4: KenZy vs Gato
Round 2.1: MaSter vs NeOAnGel
Round 2.2: BsK vs SyDe
Round 2.3: MoMaN vs Eeel
Round 2.4: Adelscott vs Gato
Round 3.1: MaSter vs BsK (part 2)
Round 3.2: Gato vs Eeel
Round 4.1: MaSter vs KleeneX
Round 4.2: CENSURE vs Eeel
Consolation Bracket Final: KleeneX vs Eeel
Consolation Bracket Final: Dayshi vs Eeel

Grand Final
Grand Final: Dayshi vs Stephano

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